The Journey

To journey is to go through an African-centered rites of passage or initiation process. It can typically take up to a year to complete the process.  Those  who have successfully completed the initial phase of the process are said to have crossed and are honored in a large community-wide celebration.To date, Ndugu and Nzinga has journeyed and crossed over 25 groups of initiates collectively in the North and South. 


Rites of Passage Community

Nzinga, noun;

  • The sisterhood of the community

Baba, noun;

  • A father to the community

Umi, noun;

  • A mother to the community

Ase; noun, verb;

  • The power to make things happen

Ndugu, noun;

  • The brotherhood of the community

Yerutu, noun;

  • One who is preparing to journey

Zerutu, noun;

  • One who is journeying with others

Fundi, noun;

  • An older sibling to guide your journey

Mwalimu, noun;

  • A great teacher; an elder