Our mission is to promote knowledge about African traditions, culture, ceremonies, and symbols. We strive to develop character, build healthy communities, and cultivate self-love.

Our Governing Principles

This community is governed by

five fundamental principles: 


One's ability to correct one's self, to correct others, and to seek and recieve correction without malice or attitude.


One's ability to contribute to the physical, emotional and psychological well being of self and others.


One's ability to walk with, hear, and know the Creator.


One's ability to see beyond the obvious by heeding the words of the elders.


One's ability to accept one's own failings, to accept the failings of others and to seek healing when those failing produce hurt.  

These principles guide not only our interactions with each other, but also how we collectively see and interact with the world. We believe that by adhering to these principles, one's integrity, discipline, maturity, and overall health will be strengthened.